Zabbix Certified User (ZCU)

This course will teach you how to swiftly display, filter, and sort information related to your monitored infrastructure. You’ll get familiar with the Zabbix GUI and gain an understanding of basic Zabbix concepts.

Products covered Zabbix 6.0
Format Online
Group size Up to 50 students virtually
Duration 1 day
Course prerequisite None
Next level Zabbix Certified Specialist Level 2

Course program

Day 1
  • About Zabbix
  • Zabbix releases
  • Zabbix components
  • Zabbix web interface
  • User profile
  • Business level monitoring overview
  • Definitions: Hosts and host groups
  • Definitions: Items and triggers
  • Definitions: Tags
  • Definitions: Built-in macros
  • Definitions: Maintenance periods
  • Definitions: Actions and escalations
  • Data visualization: Filters
  • Data visualization: Latest data
  • Data visualization: Graphs
  • Data visualization: Problems
  • Data visualization: Inventory
  • Data visualization: Network maps
  • Data visualization: Dashboards
  • Data visualization: Dashboard widgets
  • Data visualization: Reports
  • Scheduled reports
  • Certification (Exam)


  • Electronically issued attendance certificate
  • Electronically issued Zabbix 6.0 User certificate
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