Typical situations when Turn-key Solution can really help

What do you get?

  • Fully functional and deployed Zabbix monitoring solution
  • Perfectly tuned and deployed Zabbix system with instructions for future growth
  • Fully documented procedure upon task completion
  • Zabbix best practices in action
  • Clear picture of your monitoring tool's performance

Additional benefits

  • Quick start to monitoring your whole IT infrastructure
  • No time spent on self-study
  • Your team will get "on-the-job-training" while watching our engineers do the work


Solution Type Duration Solution content Price
Light 1 day Remote Zabbix server installation and basic setup
  • Installation, all components on one server. Database partitioning
  • Set up auto-discovery for SNMP devices using one community name. Configure agent auto-registration
  • Apply default templates regarding operating systems and devices
  • Zabbix application configuration via mysqldump, including hosts list, templates, users, discoveries, actions. File system backup which includes frontend configuration, Zabbix server configuration, external scripts, UserParameters of the agent
  • Database initial tuning. Set up of users and alerts using e-mail
  • Documentation
€1,250 / $1,500
Basic 2 days Remote Zabbix server installation, basic setup, configuration and performance tuning
  • All of the above and
  • Setup of database monitoring, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Configuration of built-in webhooks
  • Integration with LDAP
€2,500 / $3,000
Advanced 5 days Remote consultancy, installation, setup and advanced configuration
  • All of the above and
  • Registration of devices from external CSV file
  • Configuration of SNMP traps with triggers
  • Discoveries behind Zabbix proxies
  • Multiple community names/encryptions running in-network
  • HA setup in a level of one vCenter by preventing the failure of the hypervisor. 2 machines for the backend/frontend, one database
  • Custom conditions how devices must be register and located in the instance
  • Individual app monitoring (port is listening, keyword exist in log, process is running, file exists)
5% discount on any selected 1 year commercial support level
€6,250 / $7,500
Advanced+ 10 days Remote consultancy, installation, advanced configuration,
  • All of the above
  • Configure SELinux and Firewall. Create multiple Maps for Data visualization
10% discount on any selected 1 year support level
€12,500 / $15,000
Professional 10 days On-site consultancy, installation, advanced configuration (5 days)
Zabbix Certified Specialist on-site training course for 5 employees (5 days)
15% discount on any selected 1 year support level
€17,800 / $21,900
Custom package   Please contact our Sales Team with price inquiries about custom packages  

Course prerequisites:

  • Description of your current/desired monitoring architecture
  • List of monitored devices, systems, applications
  • List of monitored metrics
  • Remote access

Delivery options

  • Remote
  • On-site
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